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Q.  Are you able to meet your DJ before your event?

A.  Of course!  We will meet anytime you would like.  We understand the person(s) hosting the event want to feel very comfortable with the one taking so much of the responsibility into their hands.

Q.  What is your usual attire?

A.  If you want us in Tuxedo's, we'll be there in Tuxedo's.  If you want us in something more casual or anything else in between, we will make it happen.  We have a standard company shirt with Slack's that we will wear for less formal events.

Q.  What is your miinimum amount of time you will DJ for?

A.  We would like to party for no less than 3 hrs!

Q.  Do you usually Emcee the event?

A.  We will Emcee any event.  Our philosophy is to keep the talking to just the right amount.  People at your event didn't come to hear us talk!  We know when it is way too much or way too little.

Q.  Do you take any breaks?

A.  If it is a team working together, we have the opportunity to take a break.  If it is a solo act, we will only take an emergency break.  We don't want to miss a thing!

Q.  Will you arrange for recorded music to play during your breaks?

A.  If we absolutely need to take a break, doesn't mean our music does!

Q.  How much time do you usualy need to set up?  Do you require that the site and/or host provide a table for you to setup on?

A.  We would like to have an hour and a half to set-up.  We also request at least (1) 5-6 foot table is provided by the site and/or host.

Tips and Advice

It's YOUR EVENT!!!  Make sure you get exactly want you want from your vendors.  Ask questions and get their input.  Remember, it's what you want, not what they want!

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